He. She. It.

I'm Emma. My home is Nottingham, UK. I usually post rants when I feel the need but I'll post weird shit and pretty shit too.

I change my hair every week and a half dude, get used to it.

The ice bucket challenge crap is stupid and attention seeking.
Ok its for charity. I have donated for a few years in a row without posting myself doing something immature on Facebook.
Grow up guys and stop wasting water!

So I’m too lazy to get the ash tray.

So I’m too lazy to get the ash tray.

Shouldn’t have had those drinks last night :( I feel illlllllllll.

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m leaving the nest for good!!

We’ve just had a super kick in the bollocks.
It’s like one door opens and another one closes.
We can’t go worrying about someone elses life. We just can’t physically and mentally afford to do that right now.
I’m moving this weekend but it looks like we will have to find another place for ourselves at the start of next year.
Things were going so well too. :(

Shit happens I guess. We are happy together and my priority is making sure my baby is ok. :(

You’re calling a girl out because she is overweight? What about when YOU were overweight? How it made you feel if someone called you fat?
You used to be such a nice person.
Oh and blaming me for your depression? You left a friend when she told you she had been RAPED and called her a liar.

What has happened to you? I’m totally done with you.

I’m worried sick. :(

One shift down, 6 to go then I’m off. I’m already tired. My job is so hard.
I’m sick of elderly people treating me like I’m their slave. I’m there to help them if they need it but they abuse that and talk to me like I’m shit.
I’m overworked and underpaid but carers can’t stand up for themselves because it’s only old people that can get abused apparently.

I fucking hate my job now. I’ve totally lost my rag with these people!

My application form is in. Hope I get a reply soon! I’ll be over the moon if I get invited to an interview :D