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I'm Emma. My home is Nottingham, UK. I usually post rants when I feel the need but I'll post weird shit and pretty shit too.

I change my hair every week and a half dude, get used to it.

I’m sad because we are…

Planning our wedding for next year and I told my Dad that all I want is for my Nana to be there. He said she won’t be able to go as she is too ill. :(
Dementia has totally changed her. It’s so sad because I’ve always been close to her. It is my one wish for my wedding day.
Because of the deterioration of her brain she can barely remember me as a child never mind as an adult. The last time she showed that she remembers me is when I first took Mat to meet her. She told him to look after me. Those few words made me so emotional.

If you have a close family member with dementia then I seriously know what you are going through.

My poor Nana. :(

In a way I do miss you. We had a shit load of laughs through the time we knew each other and we were immature about everything and talking to you was often the highlight of my day.
Things change though. Life changes so much. I don’t know what you’re doing now but things have probably changed for you as much as they have for me.
I’ve experienced deaths, getting engaged, having to move away, mental shit and being bum fucked by work all in a year. Not to mention being screwed over by my tutors.

We win and lose people through our lives and life really does change us a hell of a lot.
I’ve lost you and the way I see it is that things happen for a reason.
As much as we didn’t get on and never will, I hope that nothing bad ever happens to you and you live a safe and full life.
I heard you’re in my city at the moment so maybe I’ll see you again some day.

I’m one hell of a bitch and always will be but I seriously do care even though you don’t.

I hope you randomly decide to drop by and you see this. We did exchange Tumblrs at one point after all.

Oh yeah. What you do in your time is none of my business and I should never have got involved and for that I am sorry. That is the only thing I’ll apologise for.

Something people don’t know about me:
Not too long ago I misscarried my child. I wasn’t too far gone and without sounding heartless and pure nasty I wasn’t overly upset…
I wasn’t happy but I didn’t dwell over it.
I’ve never told anyone I know personally about my miscarriage and don’t really want to.
What will be will be. I know when we’re ready we will try for children and I’ll fall pregnant :) I can’t wait to be a mum some day. I think I shall travel and see some of our beautiful planet first though :)

ahh in a way I REALLY want a kid now but I know we can’t as we really aren’t ready yet. There’s still part of me that’s unsure though.

The reason I’m posting is because it makes me feel better. Even if not one person reads this, it’s ok I don’t mind. I just feel loads better after getting things off my chest.

If it wasn’t for late night work I’d certainly have been barred from the salutation and arrested last night.
Get out of Nottingham you horrible bitch. Nasty people like you aren’t wanted by us. Leeeeeaveeeeeeee.

I can’t help but cry when I think about how much I miss my partner.
I can’t stand being away from him, one day we will be able to cuddle and kiss each other every morning when we wake up and every night as we go to bed. I want that day to be now.
I’d give anything just to have a moment with him to tell him I love him.

I don’t show him how I feel enough but I really do love him. I can’t explain how much but I really, really do.

Oh god, I wish you were with me right now. :’( :’(

Totally abandoned my slim fast diet because I’ve been on holiday leave… Soon back at work soooo soon to continue my weight loss. I can definitely tell I’ve put weight on.

Usually dye my hair all different colours with semi permanent dye but this time I’m using permanent. Ahhh. I’m going to regret this.

Usually dye my hair all different colours with semi permanent dye but this time I’m using permanent. Ahhh. I’m going to regret this.

My new theme on my phone :)

My new theme on my phone :)

I will book a holiday when I’m fairly satisfied with my body. :)